Abstracción # geometrías

In 1980 was displayed for the first time a little collection of paintings and sculptures in which is already settled the bipolarity of this artist, that, again and again, will wander between the different paths opened by the “historical vanguards”.

In those initial moments he will grasp into the models and approaches of the Russian constructivists, elaborating pieces with ensemble polythene pipes (El músico de jazz, 1978), creating funny toys with discarded plastic elements, and carving architectonic sculptures with fragments of wooden beams taken from demolitions (Escultura IEscultura IIMirón, 1980).

In 1988 he exhibits his project Antologia 19, an extensive collection as a result of the analysis of nineteen mother drawings and the different interpretations that allow each of them when other techniques are used, as oil painting (S. Rottluff escupiendo en el jardín de L. KirchnerEl crepúsculo de los Núñez, 1985), watercolor, collage and sculptural relief.